11x14 Inch Custom Pet Portrait

11x14 Inch Custom Pet Portrait

Custom pet portrait, hand painted with acrylic on a heavy duty, gallery wrapped canvas. Pet portraits are headshot paintings only. If you would like a full body painting of your pet, or if you would like multiple pets on one canvas, please contact me for pricing and available sizes.


I put lots of love into these paintings, and they end up taking me anywhere between 20-60 hours depending on size of canvas.


The first thing I start working on, are your pets eyes, as I believe they hold all of the personality and spirit. Once I finish the eyes, I can get a better idea of how everything can come together perfectly!  


After you have ordered your product, please send in a photo of your pet with visible detail, as I work off of the exact photo. Photos, and other requests can be sent to my email at wherethewildart@gmail.com. I may request other photos, in order to get all of the detail correct. I stay in contact with clients throughout the whole process, I send updates upon request, and make needed adjustments per customer request once the painting is finished. 


Please email wherethewildart@gmail.com and send in photos, and requests, as well as background color preference for your painting (choose up to two).  


    Pet portraits are painted with acrylic on a high quality, gallery wrapped canvas. Canvases are on a 1.5 inch thick wood frame.  


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